Here's What People Have to Say ...

"...Thank you so much for the trampoline!! My children can't get enough of it. They've been choosing that over the TV since I put it up. Thank you."

-Frank Sept. 17, 2020

"I am fascinated by what is done here. We are from Colombia. In the United States, the spirit of unreserved giving has no limits. We love to see how they are using recycling to help us receive items we need for free. The lack of work has affected me. The donation of clothes that is received here helps us to save." - L.M Oct. 3, 2020

" Due to the coronavirus the situation has become more difficult. The water and the many other things that are given here have served me to feed and dress in my house. The intention that you have to help and to give is of great value .. [we want to receive but you are teaching us how to give.]" -J.G. Oct.3, 2020

" The donations are of great help because of this moment of economic and work crisis that I am living. They come to solve the crisis that we are facing." -E.S. Oct. 3, 2020

"The donations I have received have helped me a lot due the current situation. I have no work. They have helped to relieve my burden of food." - M.A. Oct. 3, 2020