Renew Common Goods seeks to provide all donations free of charge to all community members. In order to maintain that vision we depend on the generosity of others through monetary donations.

Donations recieved will help Renew Common Goods:

  • Secure warehouse space - The more space we have the more donations we can recieve, sort and provide to the community.

  • Add new partnerships - There is no shortage of organizations looking to partner with Renew Common Goods to recycle goods.

  • Support transporation - Most partners require that picks are made with a box truck with a lift gate. Donations recieved will help Renew Common Goods secure the box trucks we need to maintain donation pick-ups.

  • Host community giveaways - It is our vision to be able to host community giveaways in different locations. Donations will help us organize and mobilize our goods so that we can set-up and provide safe pick-up options for community members involved.

Please click the link for your donation to our PayPal account.

Please join our team of "Everyday Heroes" and make a positive difference by donating today to Renew Common Goods.